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We work with clients from across a number of sectors, including:
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PES Scanning is fully supported by qualified aerospace design engineers within PES Performance who offer a variety of services for aerospace applications.

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3D scanning can assist in verifying the accuracy of vehicle components, such as bodywork and provide accurate measurement of deformation following crash tests or vehicle accidents.
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Art & Sculpture

Our 3D optical scanning technology helps the artist deliver a true and accurate representation of their work; something that cannot be produced by a modeller.
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Classic Vehicles

3D scanning can act as insurance for valuable and rare classic vehicle drawings. They can be reproduced in a digital format to ensure the original drawings remain in mint condition.
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The team has a vast amount of applied engineering design that we use to deliver the best solutions in the demanding environment required by the Defence industry.

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3D scanning provides opportunities to improve cost and efficiency within the energy sector. We are supported by CFD and FEA simulation software to ensure designs are fully optimised.
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We offer optimisation services as we cross-pollinate technologies into new sectors and develop ideas to optimise the performance of our client’s products.
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3D scanning can provide a wide range of solutions to many medical challenges. We are able to tailor our engineering designs to meet every patients’ requirements.

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