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Metrology Services

Providing metrology services for engineering companies

What can we offer?

We offer a range of metrology services, including dimensional inspection and quality inspection. Our experienced team utilise the latest available metrology technologies and equipment for,

  • First article inspection (FAI),
  • Scan to CAD inspection reports, o
  • Other design and manufacturing measurement needs,

Our team of engineers can measure components either at our facility or at client’s facilities with utilising our portable equipment.

What is Metrology?

Metrology is the science of measurement and its application. When referred to in engineering it means the process of obtaining one or more numerical values which are used to measure the properties of individual objects; dimensions, weight, etc.

It also includes the methods to establish and maintain the accuracy of measurement devices. These include by comparing them with more accurate physical artefacts or established standards.

Measurement is fundamental to engineering activities. So it is important that the accuracy of any measurement is fit for its intended purpose.

What can Metrology be used for?

The most common use for metrology is to inspect and/or analyse the dimensional aspects of almost any shape or size of component. This provides verification of part conformity.

It can also be used to

  • reduce product development time,
  • minimise non-value activities,
  • correct component problems and resolve disputes through first article inspection (FAI), Gauge R&R, tool validation, CAD to part deviation and quality control.

For example,

  • in a jet engine, component edges need to be the correct shape and size to control material stresses,
  • the panels that make up a car or truck need to fit together neatly,
  • the tiles in a nuclear fusion reactor need to be fitted correctly to safely contain the plasma.


We have a full glossary of terms relating to quality inspection and 3D scanning.

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