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How 3D scanning and reverse engineering can help improve the efficiency of your production machinery.
What can we offer?

Our team have worked on many planned preventative maintenance (PPM) for our clients. Using reverse engineering techniques and 3D scanning, we can ensure that if there is a failure in a key piece of equipment, that the defective parts can be replaced quickly and efficiently. This can save the client potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Here at PES Scanning we not only focus on (PPM) for our industrial clients, we also offer a variety of services that can help optimise and reduce costs for our clients.

We offer optimisation services as we cross-pollinate technologies into new sectors and develop ideas to optimise the performance of our client’s products.

Previous Projects
  • We have worked on a project involving industrial equipment, in particular the 3D scanning of an industrial pump that had no existing manufacturing drawings.
  • During the planned preventative maintenance period for the pump we were able to scan the pump’s components and capture its data.
  • Once the data was imported into CAD our design engineers were able to reverse engineer the pump and produce 2D and 3D models that could be sent to be manufactured. This is a great example of how 3D scanning can benefit industries.
Benefits of 3D Scanning for industry
  • A number of our clients within the industrial sector do not have original drawings of their equipment as many were produced pre-digital. Therefore, to ensure operations continue many of our clients require spare parts in case the equipment broke down.
  • Our 3D scanning systems can obtain scan data of the equipment which can be reverse engineered to produce drawings; that can be sent for manufacture.
  • Having spare parts readily available reduces downtime and can potentially save our clients thousands of pounds as orders may not be fulfilled. Also, the cost of buying a whole new piece of equipment is likely to be more expensive than having spare parts for the original; as a result of planned preventative maintenance.

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