Lead Forensics

Classic Vehicles & Aircraft

Using 3D scanning and measurement techniques to help maintain classic vehicles and aircraft.

What can we offer?

We can provide 3D scanning services on both small or large, complex components. By using modern technologies and engineering principles, we can resolve the challenges of maintaining classic vehicles or aircraft. Our high-quality 3D scanning equipment is versatile, meaning that we can scan at our workshop or travel globally to meet our client’s requirements.

Benefits of 3D Scanning for classic vehicles & aircraft

Insurance & Restoration

  • 3D digital data can be produced as an archive for records, insurance or restoration purposes. In case any parts end up damaged through accidents or usage.
  • Valuable and rare classic vehicle drawings can be reproduced in a digital format to ensure the original technical drawings remain in mint condition.
  • Data archive of your classic or individual parts can be used to aid identification and recovery.

Further Information

Read more about how 3D scanning can benefit classic cars in our blog here.

Accuracy & Flexibility
  • Optical scanners can deliver a scan accuracy of < 0.05mm/mhowever, in controlled environments this can be improved. Find out more information about the resolution and volume sizes here.
  • The results from the scan data can be used to improve the performance of any part of the classic aircraft or car i.e. increased durability, reliability, etc.
  • Using the data to manufacture multiple components from the same scanned part to enable repeatability and quality.
  • 3D models can be sent directly to CNC machines, to guarantee quality and high repeat-ability.
  • CAD drawings can be updated or modified whenever required to accommodate any updates or changes to the parts design.

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