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Heritage and Restoration

3D scanning for heritage and restoration projects

What can we offer?

Using our experience and technology we can ensure that your project will be accurately reproduced to preserve all the personality, individualism and character of the part or piece.

Over the years of utilising reverse engineering techniques and optical scanning, we have been asked to apply these modern engineering methods to a number of heritage and restoration projects.

The term ‘heritage’ covers a multitude of environments and areas of restoration, and every project is unique. A number of the projects we have worked are protected under non-disclosure agreements, however we have listed a number of environments or projects in which we have been involved.

Building and Structures
  • Scanning, reverse engineering and manufacturing wooden dragon heads for the 100 year old Margate Dreamland wooden roller coaster.
  • Scanning of 150 year old wooden columns for a heritage church restoration.
  • Scanning and restoration of a listed panelled room linked to Winston Churchill.
  • Various wooden feature on historic buildings.
  • Scanning and reproducing ancient stone work.
Classic Aircraft & Vehicles
  • Within the restoration process of classic aircraft and vehicles we employ our 3D scanning systems. The captured scan data of the item can be used to produce manufacturing drawings and or jigs.
  • We have also undertaken an armoured vehicle project and employed 3D scanning within the reverse engineering process to manufacture key components.

We have worked on a range of artwork projects. These include data capture linked to insurance and restoration, to the 3D scanning of wooden picture frames or furniture. From the scan data we produced CAD models of the parts with all their original features and flaws included.

  • One of the common misconceptions linked to the restoration of classics and heritage pieces, is that using the scanning and modern CAD process will result in the character being lost from the piece.
  • This is far from the truth and we work hard to ensure that every bit of the character and individuality of the original piece is fully captured and brought to life in the restored or replicated piece.
  • Such projects are an area the team love to work on, as not only are the projects unique and varied but also, we feel honoured to be part of the restoration and preservation of global heritage.

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