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Inspection Reports

We can provide various inspection reports to use as part of your quality control systems, providing a documented aid to manage and control any potential quality issues. 

Type of inspection report

Overview of report

When to apply the report

Colour map deviation report
The report highlights the variances between the scanned item, and original 2D drawings, CAD models or control pieces using colour mapping to identify deviations.

Quickly identifies the areas that are in or out of tolerance and a system that is easy to monitor.

Provides a 3D model that you can rotate.


Analysing hard to identify tolerances such as surface deviation.

When fast results are required.

When a visual process is required for archiving.

For use on complex or free form shapes.


Cross section analysis report
Compares cross sections of scanned item against  CAD model data.

2D cross section analysis on specified points of the CAD model.

Deviation can be applied in a colour map.


Verification of part thickness cross section as selected.

Specific cross section selection.


Geometric dimensioning and tolerance report (GD&T)
Full GD&T assessment of scan data to original 2D drawings.

In accordance with ISO standards or through 3D CAD models with embedded product manufacturing information (PMI).


Where standard tolerances are known and need to be verified for conformance assessment.

When Pre-selected dimensions are required to be tracked across multiple parts for Statistical Process Control (SPC) or other such processes.


Tailored report
We can tailor your inspection reports to your exact requirements, and align the outputs of the selected scanning technology.To align with company standard formats and allow easy transfer of data for further processing.

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