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Blue Light 3D optical scanning system

PES Scanning utilises a Blue Light GOM 3D optical scanning system (BLS) to deliver a number of specialised services for our clients.

The system is utilised by the large key manufacturers, such as Rolls-Royce, as a quality control measure during the manufacturing process, and is the system of choice by major OEM’s.

We use this 3D scanning technology in several sectors including: Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Product Development, Motorsports, Olympic Sport, Renewable Energy and Specialist Tooling.

The PES Scanning team support clients using the blue light scanning system for accurate digitised data capture and this data can be used for multiple solutions. The data captured has an ‘uncontrolled environment’ accuracy of < 0.05mm/m3 however, in controlled environments this can be improved.

Benefits of 3D Optical Scanning

We have selected this system and technology due to its:

  • Accuracy and repeatability of results
  • Mobility of the system
  • A safe and proven system to use within clients’ business
  • Fast and efficient data capture

The 3D scanning technology systems can be easily transported to your premises or a site to minimise the disruption to your operation. Alternatively, parts that can be delivered to our offices can be scanned off-site.

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Photogrammetry provides very high accuracy 3D measurements for large objects and can be used independently of environmental conditions; within climatic chambers or in the open air.

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