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Design and Optimisation

Optimisation solutions to maximise the performance of your product

What can we offer?

  • Whether it’s a modification to an existing design or the design of a brand-new product, the team at PES Scanning offer our clients a range of optimisation solutions to maximise the performance of a product within your budget.
  • The data captured from our 3D scanning systems can be used within the design and optimisation process, as we can use analysis of the dimensions and structure of the item to determine areas where optimisation can occur.
  • Our engineers have experience operating in a range of sectors and can support you to maximise the results from the data capture and engineering process. Find out more information about the sectors we have experience in.
  • If you need the performance of a part or object to be improved, but there is no digital data available; we can use reverse engineering to aid design and optimisation.

What are the benefits of design and optimisation?

  • Design optimisation enables changes or adjustments to be made to a product. This can make the product more efficient, cost-effective, desirable or innovative, and therefore give it an advantage against competitors within its market.

Why do we use the blue light GOM system?

  • The system provides high levels of accuracy and repeatability of results.
  • The mobility of the system means that we can provide scanning as a bureau service or at your premises.
  • This is the system of choice, used by leading OEMs such as Rolls-Royce, Boeing & Jaguar Land-Rover (JLR).
  • It provides an auditable calibration process, ideal in the aerospace and oil & gas sectors.

N.B Note the data received from the scanner is imported as an image file into CAD and only then can a CAD model be produced.

We have a full glossary of terms relating to design & 3D scanning.

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