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3D scanning provides many opportunities to improve the cost and efficiency of products used in the energy sector.
What can we offer?

At PES Scanning we are supported by our sister company PES Performance, who have extensive skills, experience and knowledge in using carbon composites,  lightweight materials and in aerodynamic design.

This is supported by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) simulation software which ensures our client’s designs are fully optimised before moving to the prototype stage.

Our services can deliver you the optimum solution for your energy project.

Previous Projects

The PES team have worked on a number of energy related projects including optimising Vertical Axis wind turbine blades, reverse engineered heavy offshore gear boxes and other related projects.

Benefits of 3D Scanning for the energy sector
  • 3D scanning provides many opportunities to improve cost and operational efficiency for many products used in the energy sector.
  • We are able to use the scan data within the design and optimisation process in order to identify areas that we feel could be improved in terms of durability, speed, performance, etc.
  • We can provide analyses ranging from simple wing load estimations, to comprehensive design and optimisation of components through the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing.

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