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3D scanning can help tailor your products to meet the patients’ requirements

What can we offer?

3D scanning can provide a wide range of solutions to many medical challenges. We are able to tailor our engineering designs to meet every patients’ requirements. Our design engineers have over 45 years of experience within engineering that can be combined with modern technologies such as 3D scanning.

Benefits of 3D Scanning for Medical
  • Through 3D scanning we are able to take the data of an object (for example a wheelchair) and use the scan data to analyse its dimensions, structures, ability, etc. From this data we can optimise the design of the wheelchair to be more specific and fit the individual’s needs.
  • 3D scanning allows us to inspect devices used within the medical industry. This is to ensure that all the components meet the standards/dimensions set. We can compare the physical component against its digital, ‘as-designed’ model, and with this data we are able to provide a range of inspection reports.
  • 3D scanning can be used to capture the patient’s body, so when implants or surgical fixtures are being created, they can be built as an exact match. The scan data is used to produce the 3D models within CAD required to manufacture these items.
  • For example, if a patient has suffered trauma to a certain area on their body, we can use the models produced through our 3D scanning and CAD to allow a 3D printed part to be created, which will fit perfectly to the patient’s individual needs and body.

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