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PES Scanning extends beyond typical scanning or metrology services. Our 3D scanning is backed by the qualified aerospace and mechanical design engineers of PES Performance, our sister company, with 45+ years of expertise in high-performance engineering industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, and heavy engineering.

At PES Scanning, we provide end-to-end solutions from scan to manufacture. This includes 3D and CT scanning from small to large, complex components. We can provide services for both one-off jobs and as part of long-term partnerships.

We employ photogrammetry for accurate, precise scanning of large parts. Our versatile 3D scanning systems can operate at your location worldwide or at our Sheffield workshop.

We work closely and collaboratively with clients and partners, using our combined expertise to deliver effective solutions. At the heart of what we do is build honest and open relationships to drive that collaboration.

PES Scanning has the expertise and processes to truly drive innovative solutions, working with our clients to identify and refine the potential data capture options, before choosing an approach that best suits their requirements.

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3D Scanning

Our range of non-contact and contact 3D scanning systems to deliver a selection of specialised services to our clients. We regularly utilise our 3D Structured Light & Laser Scanners on projects; often complemented with Photogrammetry to improve the accuracy when scanning large items.
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CT Scanning

CT Scanning is one of the solutions we can apply in the data capture process. CT scanning is useful when a part cannot be disassembled, as the process is non-destructive. The results produce internal and external 3D representations of a part. This data can be used for inspection or reverse engineering purposes.
CT Scanning

Reverse Engineering

Using our 3D scanning systems we are able to capture the data of an object, part or piece of equipment. This data is then reverse engineered by analysing its structure, function and operation. This is highly useful if your object was designed before digital CAD design.
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Metrology Services

We offer a range of metrology services, including dimensional inspection & quality inspection. Our experienced team utilise the latest available metrology technologies and equipment to provide the solution to meet your requirements.
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Planned Preventative Maintenance

Our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) services are about minimising the risk of lost production time and reducing costs for our clients. We can 3D scan key components and produce manufacturing drawings during your maintenance programmes. So allowing you to produce spare parts.
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Design and Optimisation

Through our 3D scanning technology, we can accurately capture data of any object. This data is used within the design and optimisation process as our engineers can identify areas of improvement within the object. This could include efficiency, durability, speed, and performance.

Who we are

If you would like to discuss your project and how our solutions can help you, then please
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Our key sectors include


PES Scanning is fully supported by qualified aerospace design engineers within PES Performance who offer a variety of services for aerospace applications.


Using our 3D scanning systems we can verify the accuracy of vehicle components, such as bodywork or cast and 3D printed products.


Our 3D scanning systems can provide many opportunities to improve the cost and efficiency of your energy project in terms of durability and speed.


We offer reverse engineering and optimisation services as we cross-pollinate technologies into new sectors and develop ideas for our industrial clients.

Our Work

"Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world."

Isaac Asimov

“It is not good enough to follow conventional methods of design. It is essential to invent and evolve new methods and new ideas.”

RJ Mitchell

“Performance is a measured application of knowledge and technology in a given environment that delivers quantifiable improvements & results. ”

Dan Fleetcroft