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Scanning is only the starting point...

Ferrari 750R; classic car

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Our 3D Scanning Services Include

Reverse Engineering

The PES scanning team is in a unique position to be fully supported by the sister division PES Performance. It therefore has access to qualified and experienced design engineers, with a combined experience across multiple sectors of over 35 years, and who specialise in reverse engineering and optimisation, so giving PES Scanning clients a ‘one stop’ solution.

CT Scanning

CT scanning gives us the ability to inspect to internal features of components. This process is non-destructive allowing key internal parts to be seen in their functioning position and analysed without disassembly.

Quality Control & Inspection

3D Scanning is a fast & effective way to compare physical parts or objects against its ‘as designed’ digital model or a quality assured control piece, to identify any production variances, or other manufacturing defects. All inspections will be delivered with a detailed report, for each part, delivered on a template tailored to your requirements.

Design & Optimisation

3D Scanning is only the start of the process. As a high-performance engineering design business, with a multi-disciplinary team we deliver high quality, technologically advanced solutions across many sectors.

Large Batch Bureau Service

We can deliver small single piece projects through to the inspection of 1000’s of parts. As our equipment is completely portable & versatile, we can undertake projects either at our premises or at your site, as required.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

PPM is all about cost benefit and minimising the risk of lost production time through a scheduled maintenance programme. It therefore makes sense that the best time to 3D optically scan your key components/plant and set up a digital archive, in anticipation of a parts failure, is as part of your PPM schedule.

3D scanning services; PES Scanning Management team Mike Maddock, Dean Gardner, Dan Fleetcroft.
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Scan – Design – Engineer – Optimise

Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd is a high performance engineering design business, with a multi-disciplinary team of design and performance engineers.

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