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Engineering services for aerospace, including: design & optimisation, reverse engineering, planned preventative maintenance and quality inspection.
What can we offer?

PES Scanning is fully supported by qualified aerospace design engineers within our sister company PES Performance, who offer a variety of services for aerospace applications.

We use an extensive range of engineering techniques such as design and optimisationreverse engineering, planned preventative maintenance and quality inspection.

These techniques and our experience provide our clients with the best possible results.

Previous Projects
  • We have worked on various aerospace projects such as the redesign of an aircraft nose in order to accommodate new test equipment. Our team of engineers created new designs for the aircraft nose from the scan data provided.
  • A colour error map report from the scan data ensured that when the new nose cone was produced, it would fit perfectly to the aircraft. This allowed for any potential distortions that had developed over the life of the aircraft.
  • Another project we have been involved with is a radio control replica of a US NAVY YF2Y-1 Convair Sea Dart aircraft. This involved the 3D scanning of a quarter scale replica model based on original drawings.
  • From the scan data, the engineers were able to ensure the airframe’s geometry and structural detail were correctly designed, before engineering drawings of the parts to be manufactured were produced.
Benefits of 3D Optical Scanning for aerospace
  • By 3D scanning an object we can reverse engineer a part if no original engineering drawings exist. This data can be used to reproduce parts of an aircraft or act as a digital aid.
  • 3D scanning also provides data from an object, that can be inspected to ensure it meets necessary requirements. It can also be optimised to improve the performance of the object further.
  • Analysis options range from simple wing-load estimations, to comprehensive design and optimisation of components. This can include the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing.
  • Our engineers at PES Performance use CFD to fully optimise a design in order to achieve a given set of performance parameters. They can also identify if a design would be fit for purpose before any prototypes are produced, thus, saving time and money for our clients.

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