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Art and Sculpture

3D scanning and measurement can open a world of possibilities for your 3D art and sculpture pieces.

What can we offer?

These accurate techniques can deliver a true and accurate representation of your work, for commercial, insurance or restoration purposes.

PES Scanning allow you to retain complete control of your work, whether you are;

  • wanting to build rapid prototype models for pre-sale display
  • producing casting moulds
  • creating precise maquettes from your original model,
  • using the scan data to aid repairs.

Pieces can be scaled up and down, sectioned, reproduced, and adapted to meet your requirements. Our 3D scanning service is quick, accurate and cost effective. The results produced can be used as 3D digital archive for records, insurance or restoration purposes; for instance, if the original is damaged or vandalised.


3D Scanning – Increasing commercial opportunities
  • 3D rendered images can be produced as a sales or presentation tool.
  • Data can be used to build rapid prototype models for pre-sale display for clients and used to produce casting moulds.
  • The scan can be sectioned; to mount sculptures on walls or create scaled busts.
  • Small fabricated figures can be scanned and scaled up to create large public sculptures.
  • This is a fast and incredibly accurate way to reproduce a range of maquettes from the original model.
  • Moulds for casting can be produced direct from the data – no need to create models.
  • The data can be used to deliver 3D interactive computer models.
  • Manufacturing drawings or files can be created to help with manufacture.
3D Scanning – Insurance & Restoration
  • Can provide a 3D digital archive for records, insurance or restoration purposes.
  • The scan data can be used if the original is damaged or vandalised, to aid perfect repairs.
  • The data is owned by the artist and there are limitless uses for this data.
3D Scanning – Accuracy & Flexibility
  • Optical scanners can deliver a scan accuracy of < 0.05mm/m³ (human hair is normally between 0.06 & 0.08mm). However, in controlled environments this can be further improved.
  • The scan data can be scaled up or down as required. We have accurately scaled a 450mm sculpture up to 20 metres for a fabricated iconic landmark piece; therefore, the technology is highly flexible to meet your requirements.
  • The technology helps the artist deliver a true and accurate representation of their work; something that cannot be produced by a modeller.
  • For example, if a fingerprint is marked on the original sculpture it would be captured within the scan data. However, if this fingerprint was not required or other changes required, then the artist can sit with our engineers and clean up the sculpture scans digitally. The artist retains full control at all times.
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