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3D scanning provides opportunities to improve cost and operating efficiency for many defence products & equipment.

What can we offer?

Our team have worked in multiple defence environments, delivering a range of unique projects for our clients.

The team has a vast amount of applied engineering design and high-performance environment experience that we use to deliver the best solutions in the demanding environment required by the Defence industry.

Our Managing Director, Mike Maddock also served in the UK armed forces for 13 years and is accustomed to the defence industry’s needs and requirements.

Previous Projects
  • Due to the nature of much defence work we are unable to disclose details of most projects we have worked on, as they are secured under non-disclosure agreements.
  • We have worked on an armoured vehicle design and optimisation project. This involved the use of 3D optical scanning of a Spartan Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). From the scan data we were able to reverse engineer the results to design and optimise new equipment.
  • Due to the use of optimisation, it created a cost-effective way to upgrade existing military hardware by extending the life of the carrier. Optimisation also provides the option to improve defensive capabilities of other countries.
Benefits of 3D Scanning for defence
  • 3D scanning provides endless opportunities to improve cost and efficiency for many products/equipment used in the defence industry.
  • Once a piece of equipment is scanned the data can be transferred into CAD where new designs and optimisations of current parts can be created. This may be in the form of increased durability or in terms of efficiency.
  • 3D scanning can be used with components that were produced pre-digitally, then the scan data archived in case the part sustains damage and needs replacing.

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