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What do we do for our clients?

Jul 19, 2018 | 3D Scanning, CT Scanning, Design, Quality & Inspection, Reverse Engineering

PES Scanning is part of Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd, a high-performance engineering design services business, with a multi-disciplinary team of design and performance engineers.

The owners of PES Performance- Dan Fleetcroft and Mike Maddock, spoke about their business and what they do to meet and exceed clients wants and needs, in an interview with the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF).

Dan started the interview by saying, “Fundamentally it’s understanding the challenge. We are predominately client driven and that usually means someone has a problem that needs fixing. The key aspect is understanding what that problem is and what the best solution is going to be for the client. Sometimes the most successful project comes from educating your client in terms of what is available as a solution and what they actually need – as opposed to what they think they want.

“For us it’s understanding those requirements – it’s documenting them, it’s measuring them. To me it’s understanding the problem and scrutinising your solution before you make something, and the success comes from ensuring it is right before you bolt it to something else.”

Mike continued this point, commenting; “We are a really collaborative model – as Dan said – educating the client, is really difficult. The reason we are based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield is because we almost see it as the UK’s ‘Kensington address’ for advanced manufacturing, and related research & development. We need to be immersed in an environment where we can see what technology is coming through – what’s coming up.”

“This is not only on the engineering side but looking at the commercial aspect as to what is affordable. We look at commercial solutions for our clients and also collaborate with companies looking at research and development in new areas funded by government. It’s quite a broad portfolio.”

Dan added to Mike’s point and said, “We really want to collaborate with our clients and challenge them respectfully to add value for them. It’s not just a case of going ‘yeah we’ll do that’, when that might not be the best solution.

“Often, we find we’ll work with them to look at a programme which engages them into a particular technology in a low risk, low cost way. At times they may need some hand-holding – supporting them in a way that says, ‘we don’t know everything, but we may know a little bit more than you’, and that might be enough for you to help the client get where they want to go.”

Mike discussed what sectors PES Performance support– “We realised early on that we are not a design consultancy – we are a solutions business. When we started we were badged as a design consultancy but with the experience of our team we work much wider than that. We are also in a unique position against other businesses in that we have a holistic view of what’s going on across multiple sectors and therefore we can cross-pollinate technologies.

“For example, we’re currently working with an aerospace client and have secured a research grant to apply their aerospace technology into the wind energy sector. This is looking at leading edge corrosion on wind turbine blades operating in off-shore environments and takes an existing technology into a completely different industry sector to potentially create advantage.”

Mike concluded the discussion about the work PES Performance provide for their clients by saying, “It is key that we support our clients, and not just in the environments that they work in. The advantage that we provide to our clients is in a more technically holistic view.

“Many businesses tend to measure themselves solely against the competition within the sector in which they operate, and so are only influenced by the technologies they see and touch within their industry. Often, they don’t see what’s going on in other environments, so therefore we have the advantage of saying ‘did you know about such and such?’ or ‘are you aware of a particular technology?’”

This exemplifies what we are all about- providing the best solution to overcome our clients challenges. We are able to offer this by pushing the boundaries and going against the norm. In order to do this we collaborate with different businesses, in various industries to be at the forefront of technology.

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