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What Are the Benefits of Industrial CT Scanning Services?

Mar 19, 2019 | 3D Scanning, CT Scanning, Design, Development, Innovation, Quality & Inspection, Reverse Engineering

Industrial CT scanning services use X-ray technology to produce 3D images of the item being scanned.

The advantage it has over other 3D scanning methods such as laser scanning or optical scanning is that CT scanning can be used to see the internal details of a part. It is the same technology that has been used for many years in medical imaging.

In industry, CT scanning services are typically used for;
• Material Analysis
• Assembly Verification
• Failure Analysis
• Internal and External Measurements
• Non-Destructive Testing / Inspection
• Product Quality Compliance/Screening
• Quality Inspection of parts

CT Scanning is used in industries including; aerospace, automotive, defence, energy production, and oil & gas.

The primary benefits of Industrial CT Scanning services include:

Improved product quality
Industrial CT scanning services can help to improve the quality of products, both during their development and also when the products are in production. The capability of CT scanning to provide very accurate measurements of a part (including ‘hidden’ interior features), means that defects can be identified and rectified products R&D phase. It can also be used as part of quality approval processes to ensure that all components are correct and fit for dispatch to customers.

Reduced product development time
CT scanning and other scanning services are very useful in reducing the time taken to develop new products. This is particularly true when such development includes reverse engineering either a competitor’s product or a legacy part which may not have existing CAD files or technical drawings.

Reduced Inspection costs
The ability of CT scanning to inspect components without destroying or disassembling them significantly reduces the time needed for companies to undertake analysis and testing. In addition to providing greater time efficiencies, it reduces costs relating to the destruction of sample parts during test and analysis.

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