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If you’re considering 3D scanning for your project, you may wonder about the costs involved. Scanning costs depend on the size and complexity of the part being 3D scanned, and the application that the scan data will be used for.

3D scanning a part can cost anywhere from £200 upwards. Typically, we price scanning jobs on a per hour basis (or per day if we’re scanning large scale projects such as aircraft or buildings).

Understanding 3D Scanning Costs

In this blog post, we’ll break down the key factors that can determine how much a 3D scanning project will cost.

How Size and Geometry of the Part impacts Scanning Costs

The size and complexity of the part or project to be scanned are critical cost factors. Larger objects typically require more scans to capture the entire surface accurately, which increases the time and cost. Additionally, complex parts with features like holes or threads demand more scanning time to ensure all details are captured. For instance, scanning an aircraft’s turbine blades takes much longer (and therefore costs more) than scanning simpler wing or fuselage panels.

Applications for Scan Data – Effect on Scanning Costs

The purpose that the 3D scan data will be used for also affects costs. Scan data is often used as part of a larger project, such as reverse engineering or metrology & quality inspection.

Reverse Engineering: Reverse engineering is typically used to create CAD files for discontinued or broken parts or to modify designs when existing CAD files are not available. The process of reverse engineering involves meticulous work to ensure that all details of the original part being scanned are accurately recorded.

The time required for scanning depends on the size and complexity of the object. Rushing the scanning can lead to overlooked details, potentially causing problems down the line when reverse engineering from the scan data.

Metrology & Quality Inspection: If you need to validate parts or ensure they meet specifications, a 3D scan can be compared to the original CAD to check dimensions and deviations. The number of data points analysed, and different tolerances required can increase the time and cost of the inspection.


As you can see the cost of 3D scanning can vary widely, influenced by many factors. Contact us to discuss your project and we can provide a costing for solutions that will meet your requirements.


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