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Tall Dreams statue by Steve Mehdi

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About the Project

We are already working with Steve, an established local artist in the Yorkshire region, on his 30 metre high Man of Steel and also the Heart of Steel projects. Steve has a unique and innovative style of creating his art by using simple packaging tape. However, the shapes and forms he creates are incredibly complex in design.

The Challenge

The challenge was to capture the complexity of the original 380mm high tape structure model without losing any detail, and ensuring it remained a true and accurate representation of the original piece.

In order to help Steve, deliver a commission to create a fabricated 8 metre high sculpture for a major office development in Sheffield city centre. We scanned the model named ‘Tall Dreams’ with the 3D optical scanning system.

The captured scan data was refined in CAD to highlight the individual panels of the piece as required in the fabrication process. The piece was finally scaled accurately for final manufacture and the sculpture’s perfect alignment with the column it would sit on.

Steve was involved in the whole process to ensure nothing was lost from the original 380mm model to the final 9m sculpture. When the data was signed off, the CAD files were sent through to the fabricator to start planning the manufacture of ‘Tall Dreams’.

‘Tall Dreams’ has now been successfully manufactured and is located in a square at the Velocity office complex in Sheffield City Centre. Steve is considering a number of commercial opportunities; using the scan data to create a range of limited edition maquettes for individual collectors.