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Scanning Industrial Equipment – The Pump project

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About the Project

Our clients often have requirements for scanning industrial equipment. In this case, an industrial pump that was a legacy piece of equipment and had no manufacturing drawings available with which to manufacture new spares or new replacement pumps.

During the pump’s planned preventative maintenance period the individual parts of the pump were scanned when the pump was stripped, cleaned and serviced onsite.

After the data was captured the pump was returned to service whilst the team started the reverse engineering process. This therefore reduced the cost and downtime to the client as we did not require the pump to complete the next stages.

The polygon mesh scan data was imported into CAD and the design team produced 2D & 3D models over the next week. During the process the team looked to optimise the equipment; removing original design errors, reverse engineering and truing up bores, drives and gears and replacing the old bearing with new more reliable systems.

Once the client had reviewed the data, the team produced manufacturing drawings, so the client could have new parts or even complete new pumps manufactured whenever required in the future.

3D Scanning provided the ideal solution to capture the data required to produce manufacturing drawings for producing multiple units.