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Classic Aircraft Restoration

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About the Project

PES Engineers worked on a confidential classic aircraft restoration project for a private collector.

Our client was a private aircraft collector who required the replacement of some worn engine components from a 1930s era aeroplane.

The original components were scanned with the 3D blue-light optical scanning equipment and once the scan data had been transferred into a CAD package, our engineers were able to digitally repair and replace the worn parts within CAD, before utilising simulation software including finite element analysis to virtually check the strength of the repairs.

Once this work was completed, PES engineers managed the production of the redesigned parts by external sub-contractors and delivered the replacement components for assembly into the aircraft engine.

What we did

3D Scanning

Aerodynamic Design

CAD ModellingDesign and Optimisation

GOM ATOS 3D Scanner

Siemens NX CAD Software