Our Services

We offer a range of 3D scanning and quality inspection services, including:

We utilise a Blue Light GOM 3D optical scanning system (BLS) to deliver a number of specialised services for our clients. Photogrammetry is a technique of taking measurements of an object from photographs and is used to improve the accuracy when scanning large items.

CT Scanning is one of the solutions we can apply in the data capture process. The results produce internal and external 3D representations of a part, this data can be used for inspection purposes. CT scanning is useful when a part cannot be disassembled, as the process is non-destructive.

Through our 3D scanning optical technology we are able to accurately capture data of any object. This data is used within the design and optimisation process as our engineers can identify areas of improvement within the object. This could include efficiency, durability, speed and performance.

Our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) services are about minimising the risk of lost production time and reducing costs for our clients. In the anticipation of pre-digital parts failing, we are able to 3D scan key components and produce manufacturing drawings to produce spare parts.

3D optical scanning and CT scanning are effective ways to undertake quality inspection by comparing your physical object against its ‘as designed’ model. We can generate several inspection reports to be part of your quality control system, as a documented aid e.g. colour error maps.

Using our 3D optical scanning system we are able to capture the data of an object, part or piece of equipment. This data is then reverse engineered by analysing its structure, function and operation. This is highly useful if your object was designed pre-digitisation.

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