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How 3D scanning handles complex factory layouts

Apr 15, 2024 | 3D Scanning, Development, Digital Twins, Industry, Manufacturing, News

3D scanning can be used to de-cypher even the most complex factory layouts, capturing every area with precision. Here’s how this is accomplished:

Comprehensive Point Clouds:

  • 3D scanners emit laser beams, which bounce off surfaces and return as data points (a point cloud).
  • These point clouds form a dense, 3D representation of the factory layout, capturing even the most convoluted geometries.

Multi-Location Scanning:

For large-scale scanning of factories, the scanners is strategically positioned, so that each scan captures a portion of the layout, and the data is later merged into a cohesive whole.

Overcoming Obstacles:

Complex layouts often feature obstacles like machinery, pipes, and support structures. 3D scanners handle these obstacles by:

  • Line of Sight: Scanning from multiple angles to capture hidden areas.
  • Reflections: Detecting reflections to map obscured surfaces.
  • Registration Algorithms: Aligning overlapping scans seamlessly.

Indoor GPS:

  • 3D scanners use reference points (targets or spheres) placed throughout the factory.
  • These act as indoor GPS coordinates, aiding in scan alignment and accuracy.

High-Resolution Scans:

  • To capture fine details, scanners use high-resolution settings.
  • This ensures that intricate features—such as wiring, joints, and structural elements—are faithfully recorded.

Clash Detection and Space Optimisation:

  • Engineers analyse the 3D model for clashes (interferences) between existing structures and proposed modifications. Optimising space utilisation becomes easier with accurate layouts.

As-Built Documentation:

  • The final 3D model can be used to create comprehensive ‘as-built’ documentation, which architects, facility managers, and maintenance teams can use for reference.
  • In summary, 3D scanning transforms complexity into clarity, unraveling factory layouts with digital precision.















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