How can design and optimisation help you?

What can we offer?

  • Our engineers have experience operating in a range of sectors and can support you to maximise the results from the data capture and engineering process. To find out more information about the sectors we have experience in, click here.
  • The main focus from an engineering design perspective being in the reverse engineering process to allow for design and optimisation.
  • We utilise a blue light GOM system to deliver a number of specialised services for our clients.
  • The common output from scanning is through the reverse engineering of legacy equipment, as part of a quality Planned Preventative Maintenance program. Through effective planning our manufacturing clients can reduce down-time when crucial equipment fails, potentially saving thousands.

What are the benefits of design and optimisation?

  • Accurately captured data is the foundation of design and optimisation.
  • This technology can be applied in a number of diverse sectors.
  • If your parts are pre-date digitised design, then by capturing data this can be digitalised and input into CAD to produce an accurate model. Once the data has been input and a model produced in CAD we can then start optimising, redesigned or just store in a digital library.

Why do we use the blue light GOM system?

  • Accuracy and repeatability of results.
  • Mobility of the system- scanning as a bureau service or at your premises.
  • The only system of choice, used by leading OEMS, Rolls-Royce, Boeing & Jaguar Land-Rover.
  • Auditable calibration process, ideal in the aerospace and oil & gas sectors.

N.B Note the data received from the scanner is imported as an image file into CAD and only then can a CAD model be produced.

For a full glossary of terms relating to design optimisation and 3D scanning, click here.

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PES Scanning is a division of Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd, itself a high performance engineering design business, with a multi-disciplinary team of design and performance engineers.

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