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COVID-19: Scanning Operations – We Are Open To Support Your Engineering and Data Capture Requirements

Mar 29, 2020 | 3D Scanning, News

We would like to inform all of our clients that the PES Scanning and Engineering Design teams are still fully operational.

The Design Engineering team are working from home and the PES Scanning team is available to scan in the PES workshop or at our clients’ sites. We are working within the government guidelines to ensure the safety of our team and those of our clients.

We are currently prioritising projects that will support UK manufacturing to stay operational, either through quality inspection or the reverse engineering and manufacture of critical to business components.

The office telephone number is being monitored and we will return your call as soon as possible if we cannot answer it due to the increased level of traffic we are experiencing.

If you have any enquiries or wish to discuss future projects, then please call the office on 0114 321 6375, or email us at enquiries@pes-performance.com.COVID-19: Additional Risk Assessment Precautions for Scanning Operations

To ensure we can support our colleagues in the engineering and manufacturing sectors the team will continue to deliver scanning operations, at our workshop, or on site at our clients’ premises.

Our service levels will be dependent on the availability of the team, taking into account any who may be required to self-isolate and any changes in the government’s regulations.

We have updated our risk assessment process to ensure we take into account the additional working challenges and the safety of our and our clients’ teams.

We will also adhere to any additional requirements requested by the client. Our team will be available to work at any time to suit the client to minimise social contact and maximise everyone’s safety.

Bureau Scanning Service for parts delivered to the PES Scanning workshop.

• Team will require an e mail or letter stating that the client has requested the services of the team so it can be passed to the team.
• Team will work in excess of 2 metres from each other
• The team will wear protective gloves and safety glasses
• All common surfaces will be cleaned
• Only one member of the team will operate the scanning equipment to prevent cross contamination
• Only one member of the team will handle the parts being scanned
• All parts received will be quarantined for 48 hours and all surfaces including packaging sterilised
• Parts will be cleaned prior to shipping
• Delivery and collection will be the responsibility of the client.

Working at our client’s premises:

A full risk assessment will be agreed between both teams prior to commencement of the project , including the review of any client specific requirements.
We will work with the client to identify the safest time to work on their premises. We can work during any time period to maximise everyone’s safety.

PES Scanning’s additional requirements:

• Our team will travel is separate vehicles and continue to observe the 2 metre ruling when working
The team will wear gloves and safety glasses along with our standard PPE requirements.
• Any specialised PPE equipment required must be supplied by the client
• Hand washing facilities must be available for the team
• The scanning team must be allocated toilets with the route to and from the toilets defined
• The client is to ensure the parts are fully cleaned and sterilised before scanning.
• The client is to supply the additional sterilising products listed below for the scanning team to use on site.

A: Acetone, IPA or equivalent to be used on the components being scanned where possible/permittable

B:Sterilising surface cleaner for work and communal surfaces and/or components that cannot be cleaned with alcohol or solvents.

  • Client’s team to be fully briefed on PES scanning team’s process and everyone’s safety requirements.
  • Client’s team must observe the 2 metre rule and wear gloves in the vicinity of the team to prevent cross contamination
  • If a member of either team identifies a potential contamination issue it must be brought to everyone’s attention.
  • Once the PES team has left the premises the cleaning of all surfaces is the responsibility of the client.

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