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What Are the Benefits of Industrial CT Scanning Services? standard

Industrial CT scanning services use X-ray technology to produce 3D images of the item being scanned. The advantage it has over other 3D scanning methods such as laser scanning or optical scanning is that CT scanning can be used to see the internal details of a part. It is the same technology that has been used for many years in medical imaging. In industry, CT scanning services are typically used for; • Material Analysis • Assembly Verification • Failure Analysis • Internal and External Measurements • Non-Destructive Testing / Inspection • Product Quality Compliance/Screening • Quality Inspection of parts CT Scanning is used in industries including; aerospace, automotive, defence, energy production, and oil & gas. The primary benefits of Industrial CT Scanning services include: Improved product quality Industrial CT scanning services can ...

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Brexit and UK engineering businesses image


There is a lot of debate about what the UK will look like after Brexit. Mike Maddock and Dan Fleetcroft from PES Performance discussed their opinions on the matter in an interview with the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF). The conversation focused around what this could mean for the future of UK engineering companies and what could be done in this time of uncertainty. Mike started the discussion by mentioning what he thought Brexit would mean for companies, “I think it is going to drive more efficiency. At the moment in the automotive sector many parts are taking several trips around Europe before coming back to be fitted to a vehicle. As well as industrial strategy about on-shoring, I think it is going ...

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What do we do for our clients? image

What do we do for our clients?

PES Scanning is part of Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd, a high-performance engineering design services business, with a multi-disciplinary team of design and performance engineers. The owners of PES Performance- Dan Fleetcroft and Mike Maddock, spoke about their business and what they do to meet and exceed clients wants and needs, in an interview with the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF). Dan started the interview by saying, “Fundamentally it’s understanding the challenge. We are predominately client driven and that usually means someone has a problem that needs fixing. The key aspect is understanding what that problem is and what the best solution is going to be for the client. Sometimes the most successful project comes from educating your client in terms of what ...

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10 ways 3D scanning and measurement can assist your projects image

We offer a range of accurate techniques that can deliver a true and accurate representation of your products, plant and equipment; through the use of 3D scanning and measurement. Digital Archiving– Could assist your industry project by producing 3D digital records for the conservation of all pre-digital objects, from past products to components of machinery. Rapid Prototyping also known as Rapid Manufacturing– This is a quick, reliable and cost-effective way of precise production. It is where a group of techniques are used to quickly put together a scale model of a part or object using CAD data. It can be used for engineering design, tool making, jigs and fixtures, turbines, aerospace, power generation, art and archaeology, consumer products, prototypes ...

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“The beauty of engineering is that the route to engineering can be so different. Some of the best engineers I know did a couple of A-Levels or a GSCE and went on to design racing cars, aeroplanes and space rockets." quote

“The beauty of engineering is that the route to engineering can be so different. Some of the best engineers I know did a couple of A-Levels or a GSCE and went on to design racing cars, aeroplanes and space rockets." Dan Fleetcroft“It’s great to see where we are going with apprenticeships but again we still need to drive that. If we can increase the interest of young people in engineering we will have a better opportunity for success.” Mike Maddock In a second part of an interview with the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF), Mike Maddock and Dan Fleetcroft of PES Performance discussed the new routes individuals can take to enter a career within such a prosperous sector. Mike began the discussion and stated that ...

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Industry 4.0- The new industrial revolution? image

Engineering Skills Gap

There is talk that UK industry is at the start of a 4th industrial revolution (known as Industry 4.0), but what does this mean? And why are we only just over the start line? Industry 4.0 is the transformation of industrial markets with smart manufacturing and the adoption of technology to maximise productivity and competitiveness. It will lead to greater efficiencies and change the relationship of traditional production methods amongst suppliers, producers, and customers—as well as between people and machines. This will impact a variety of sectors such as: manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, energy, transportation and more. In a recent interview with the Engineering Employers Federation (EEF), the co-owners of PES Performance Mike Maddock and Dan Fleetcroft shared their opinions on the benefits ...

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Reasons why you should use 3D scanning image

3D scanning technology can be used as a solution in a large variety of situations, due to its wide range of applications. The data captured from 3D scanning can be used for reverse engineering, quality inspection, planned preventative maintenance, small and large bureau services; the list goes on. The reason why 3D scanning can be used for so many things is due to its accuracy, speed, flexibility and its non-contact nature. All these qualities are needed for our clients. But today we will only be talking about reverse engineering and quality inspection. You can find out more about planned preventative maintenance and bureau service on our website. You may be wondering if there is a specific limit on the volume/size of the item to be scanned? The answer is ...

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PES Scanning expands engineering design team to meet double digit growth gallery

Engineering solutions company PES Scanning Ltd has further expanded their engineering design team to meet increased client demand. Simon Bainbridge joins the PES Scanning team as Senior Design Engineer from his previous role at Atkins Energy, where he designed mechanical handling equipment for various civil nuclear and defence programmes. Simon started his career at Siemens, working as a R&D design engineer in their metals processing division. On his appointment Simon comments; “What attracted me to PES was the wide variety of projects that they undertake for clients. Currently I’m working on projects in the aerospace, green energy and industrial sectors, including an Innovate UK backed R&D project, which for an engineer is great. It is also good to be part of ...

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PES Performance strengthen team with key engineering design appointment image

PES Performance are looking to the future as they further strengthen their engineering design team. The appointment of Dean Gardner as Principal Engineer highlights the rapid development of the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) based engineering solutions company in the past two years and its increasing involvement in larger engineering design projects. Dean joins PES from his previous role as Engineering Manager at Atkins Energy where he looked after the fifty strong engineering team for the Nuclear Design function that designed mechanical handling equipment for various civil and defence nuclear programmes. Dean’s career includes designing state of the art fly-by-wire controls systems for clients such as BAE Systems, NASA, Bombardier and Lockheed Martin, and supplying design services into clients including, Rolls-Royce's Tidal Generation ...

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Increased demand prompts PES Performance expansion at the AMP image

Increased demand

Engineering design business Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd has expanded its presence at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), following increased demand for its 3D scanning, quality inspection and reverse engineering services. PES Performance recently moved into a larger unit within the AMP Technology Centre, which provides separate office and scanning centre facilities, and enables client’s products to be more easily scanned. Direct access to the workshop allows vehicles, aerospace components and large industrial parts to be accommodated. As Mike Maddock, managing director at PES Performance comments; “Over the last 12 months, after we made an investment of £120k in a scanning and photogrammetry system, demand from clients for these services has increased significantly. We wanted to improve our facilities so that clients can choose ...

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