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Key new appointment as PES Scanning expands service offer image

PES Scanning has made a key appointment within their 3D scanning business as they expand the range of data capture and consultative services provided, to meet increased client demand. We have recruited Carl Mason to the PES Scanning division as Senior Metrology Applications Engineer. Carl has over 20 years scanning & metrology experience, within aerospace and other advanced manufacturing and research industries. He has worked with companies including Airbus,  BAe Systems, and the National Composites Centre. On joining the PES Scanning team, Carl comments, “What first attracted me to the role at PES Scanning was the diversity of projects that the company are involved in. There is the opportunity to work across many different sectors and undertake different challenges with clients ...

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3D Scanning helps restoration of 14th Century Florence Baptistery image

In Italy, 3D printing and scanning technology has helped to restore the south doors of the Baptistery of Florence, built around 700 years ago. The Baptistery of Florence was constructed sometime between 1059 and 1128, making it one of the oldest buildings in the city. Significantly, the building is renowned for its three sets of artistically important bronze doors with relief sculptures. The south doors are the oldest of the trio, designed between 1329 and 1336. Through its 28 intricately detailed panels, the doors depict the life of St. John the Baptist, to whom the Baptistery is named after. They measure over 5 metres high by more than 4 metres wide. Made from bronze, the doors were suffering from deterioration due to ...

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Exploring 3D Scanners And 3D Measurement Technologies image

Scanning Beagle Pup Prototype

Excerpt from article here.   3D measurement technologies and 3D scanners are taking the manufacturing, NDT and quality inspection sectors by storm. For example, according to Zion Market Research, the 3D scanning manufacturing market alone will reach $5.06 billion by 2022. And for good reason. 3D scanners, which capture the shape, geometries, textures and colours of objects in the real world, bring that data into the digital realm. 3D scanning equipment supplier Creaform has put together information to help you get started in understanding metrology and how 3D measurement solutions can improve your product development, NDT inspections, and quality control processes. How 3D measurement works There are two main types of 3D measurements processes: contact and non-contact. Contact 3D measurement solutions probe objects through ...

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Using CT Scanners for Industrial Projects image

Excerpt from original article A CT scanner gives you the ability to “see through” a solid object–once thought to be a tool of the future –but the technology is here today, and more widespread and accessible than you may have thought. Until recently, the technology of CT imaging was only available for use in medical settings. Over the last several years using CT scanners for industrial projects and manufacturing has opened up myriad opportunities never before available. CT, or Computed Tomography, is now commonly used in various industrial metrology settings, both in the lab and online or inline for product evaluation and packaging integrity assessment. The main advantage is that it allows the inspection of a part’s interior structure or a ...

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COVID-19: Scanning Operations – We Are Open To Support Your Engineering and Data Capture Requirements standard

We would like to inform all of our clients that the PES Scanning and Engineering Design teams are still fully operational. The Design Engineering team are working from home and the PES Scanning team is available to scan in the PES workshop or at our clients’ sites. We are working within the government guidelines to ensure the safety of our team and those of our clients. We are currently prioritising projects that will support UK manufacturing to stay operational, either through quality inspection or the reverse engineering and manufacture of critical to business components. The office telephone number is being monitored and we will return your call as soon as possible if we cannot answer it due to the increased level of ...

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PES Performance Congratulate UTC Sheffield City Centre on OFSTED Success standard

PES Performance has congratulated the UTC Sheffield City Centre on its ‘good’ grading by Ofsted in its latest inspection. As one of the top performing institutions of its kind nationally, the flagship UTC recruits young people, aged 13 to 19, from across Sheffield City Region. The UTC’s students complete technical qualifications in engineering and advanced manufacturing or creative and digital media, and GCSE and A Levels. They work on employer-led projects, developing skills related to their subject specialism as well as team working and problem solving. The latest statistics show that 100% of students progressed onto university, employment or further training last year including high quality apprenticeships with employers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Boeing, British Aerospace and Amazon. Dan Fleetcroft, Technical Director ...

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Mike interviewed by the HVM catapult on Industry 4.0 & other current industry challenges video

During the recent Manufacturing Week 2019, our managing director Mike Maddock was interviewed by the High-Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult about Industry 4.0 & other current industry challenges. Below is a transcript of the interview; I'm Mike Maddock, managing director of Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd but I'm here on behalf of Make UK as their Industry 4.0 champion. What one technology do you think will have the most impact on manufacturing? I'm going to say graphene, because it’s a transformational material. It's still in its evolution process with nano-platelets, but the market is moving forward. Many people think it's probably a technology for 15 to 20 years’ time, but it's not, it’s here now. In terms of graphene, to put it in simple terms, ...

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3D Scanning Technology helps preserve Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit image

Neil Armstrong's historic Apollo 11 spacesuit has been painstakingly restored by the Smithsonian Museum, with the help of 3D optical scanning and CT scanning. The restoration took place ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission launch and used technology unavailable when the Apollo 11 crew flew to the moon in July 1969. The spacesuits worn by Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Mike Collins have been kept at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC since their return, but time has taken its toll on the historic garments. The restoration work began in 2015, with the team beginning work on the gloves of the suit. X-ray images recorded the suit's condition and allowed the inner parts to be ...

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CT scanning in quality inspection – detecting potential problems standard

Detecting potential problems in the quality and integrity of a part. Here’s an example from our partners at NSI, showing the uses of industrial CT scanning in quality inspection processes to detect potential problems in the quality and integrity of a part. In this case, a small battery has some visible damage to it, which indicates that there might be a potential fault. The case on this battery appears to be swollen with a dome shape to it; not something that you would ordinarily see with these products. This could be a symptom of a larger problem with the battery, which if undetected could cause the battery to leak or burst. Depending on the application the battery is being used with this ...

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3D Scanning Helps Optimise Marine Aerodynamics standard

Porta Performance has used 3D Scanning and other advanced technologies to devlop the most advanced race boat designs both hydrodynamically and aerodynamically. Scott Porta of Porta Performance undertook the challenge to solve the “unsolvable problem” which comes from an offshore racing dynamic. What happens at 100+ MPH when a catamaran converts from a boat to an airplane without wings? Porta stated, “Here’s the dynamic, the engines are supported by a plane of hard water coming from the hull on the bottom of the gear cases … only until the boat launches and flies. At that point, the engines become a thousand pounds of dead weight, the centre of gravity shifts, the bow elevates, and the rest is history.” Porta Performance’s scanning partner ...

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