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3D Scanning Prevents Production Downtime image

When an urgently needed, brand-new tool suddenly failed for its customer, German 3D scanning company Lometec digitised the mould tools using GOM scanning systems so that precise, rapid reworking was possible. The customer produces, among other things, thermoplastic weather-proof housings designed for use in extreme climates. When the quantities in demand began exceeding the existing tool’s capacities, the company commissioned construction of a second, identical tool—and that’s where issues arose. Initially the new tool was delivered and worked fine, as verified by 3D scans of the samples of the housing as part of the quality inspection process. Process capability was validated, and the customer was able to begin production with two tools at once. But shortly after starting mass production with the ...

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3D Scanning Offers Paths to Remote Asset Management image

Off-shore oil rig

At a time when oil and gas companies are paying particularly close attention to improving efficiencies and cost-cutting, they would do well to increase their usage of 3D scanning technology, according to the engineering firm Kleinfelder. The company contends that 3D scanning enables engineers to remotely plan upgrades to oil and gas assets in a virtual setting using models. Although the original scan needs to be performed physically by an engineer, most of the work can be done remotely on computers or other shared devices. Mark Franklin from Kleinfelder, told Rigzone that 3D scanning devices capture millions of data points to measure an object or space, producing detailed 3D images in minutes. The images consist of millions of 3D data points, ...

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