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Beagle Pup Prototype G-AVDF gets closer to first flight

Jan 18, 2017 | 3D Scanning, Classic Aircraft, Museums & Collections, Reverse Engineering

We’ve mentioned in earlier posts about our work to help the Beagle Pup Prototype G-AVDF back to the skies.

Now in the project’s second year, work on restoring the aircraft has progressed well despite some setbacks along the way.

During the restoration of the Pup prototype, the owner David Collings decided to buy a donor Pup aircraft to provide spares. However, it soon became clear when attempting to use the production donor parts how very different the prototype was.

Holes were in different places and screws different sizes, strakes were a different shape and so it went on. However, the greatest difficulty occurred when ATSO’s engineer, Simon Owen, attempted to mount the donor spar brackets to the Prototype – and they would not fit. Without access to the relevant original drawings, the project was in danger of stalling again, but our PES Scanning team were able to help.

The spars were reverse engineered, using data captured by our 3D optical scanner and then PES’ design engineers delivered 2D manufacturing drawings from the scan data for LAA approval.

By taking additional 3D scans of the wing spars and the associated fixing points, the fresh scan data ensured the spars could be reverse engineered and adapted for G-AVDF. Once the drawings were approved, test parts were manufactured by PES, and a first fitting was made. The final spars were then custom manufactured by the PES Performance team.

Beagle Pup 50th anniversary celebration

Saturday 8th April saw the Beagle Pup 50th celebration at Turweston airfield.

Over 20 Beagle Pups were there to celebrate along with 9 Bulldogs – most had flown in especially for the occasion.

The Prototype G-AVDF was assembled & looking good in its primer coat.

Mike Maddock, managing director of PES Scanning said; “It was great to see G-AVDF taking part in this historic event. Credit must go to David, Anne & the team at ATSO for all their hard work. The aircraft is definitely looking very different to when we were first involved with the project in August 2015.

“From a PES Scanning perspective we are proud to have played our part in the restoration, particularly with the work around creating the new wing spars, and we look forward to seeing G-AVDF back in the skies later this year.”

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