Technology gives us power, but it does not and cannot tell us how to use that power.

It takes expertise and experience to

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PES Scanning provides full engineering design solutions

PES Scanning is the sister company to PES Performance which is a high-performance engineering design solutions business working in R&D and specialising in aerospace, medical and other sectors.

PES Scanning is fully supported by the qualified aerospace design engineers within PES Performance to deliver cradle-to-grave solutions to clients. 80% of PES Scanning’s delivery is multiple part quality inspection, reverse engineering and performance optimisation.

So PES Scanning is unique in that it is a business operated and supported by experienced and qualified design engineers.

When it comes to data capture, for reverse engineering or quality inspection we can offer a full end to end solution from data capture through to manufacture if required.

Whether you require a one-off part measured, or a long term quality inspection partnerships of multiple parts, over a number of years, we have the full capability you require. We can deliver fast 3D optical or CT scanning solutions on small complex components. To ensure a high level of accuracy for large scale CMM, we can employ our photogrammetry system for very high global accuracy.

With the versatility of our high-quality 3D scanning system we can scan from our workshop or travel globally to work on large complex pieces.

Once we have captured the digital data of your part, we can deliver tailored inspection reports, in 2D and 3D formats, as part of your quality control and manufacturing validation processes.

We can inspect a forging or casting to maximise near net-shape manufacturing; deliver full reverse engineering and design optimisation solutions, through to manufacture.

Our design engineers have over 20 years of experience and we also support and process the data for other scanning business to deliver solutions that fit our and their client’s requirements.

A full list of our services can be found on the menu above. However if you would like any more information or want to understand the best approach to your engineering challenges then please contact us.

Siemens NX CAD software

Our engineering team use Siemens NX software. This provides integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solutions including;

• Key capabilities for fast, efficient and flexible product development:
• Advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modeling and documentation
• Multi-discipline simulation for structural, motion, thermal, flow and multi-physics applications
• Complete part manufacturing solutions for tooling, machining and quality inspection

NX software allows our team to design, simulate and manufacture products faster by enabling design decisions to be made in an integrated product development environment.

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Our Services

We offer a number of services, utilising 3D optical scanning, CT scanning and photogrammetry.

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The PES team

Dan Fleetcroft

Engineering Design Director

Dan Fleetcroft, engineering director, PES Performance - PES Scanning

Dan Fleetcroft, a qualified aerospace engineer, started his career at Ferrari’s Formula-One team under technical director John Barnard. Dan was mentored by John, the legendary F1 engineer, for 15 years working in multiple F1 teams, Kenny Roberts’ MotoGP team and Barnard’s B3 Technologies.

At B3 Dan delivered solutions across multiple sectors including aerospace, automotive, defence, Olympic sport, medical and marine.

Today the application of this extensive knowledge in design, simulation, materials and manufacturing technologies benefits Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd, his own design engineering business based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Sheffield.

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Mike Maddock

Managing Director

Mike Maddock, managing director, PES Performance - PES Scanning

Mike is MD and co-owner of Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd, and has experience in multiple business environments.

His previous experience includes, COO of a winter sports R&D performance business and prior to that eleven years in multi-site retailing. In his last role Mike was a Regional Operations Director operating 175 businesses with an annual turnover of £153 million and a team of circa 3000 + within his region.

Mike intimately understands performance markets, having competed for GBR in the sport of skeleton bobsleigh for seven years. He also understands people, pressure environments and detailed operational planning having also been a Clearance Diver and Bomb disposal operative in the Royal Navy for thirteen years.

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Dean Gardner

Principal Engineer

Dean Gardner, principal engineer, PES Performance - PES Scanning

Dean joins PES from his previous role as Engineering Manager at Atkins Energy where he looked after the fifty strong engineering team for the Nuclear Design function that designed mechanical handling equipment for various civil and defence nuclear programmes.

Dean’s career includes designing state of the art fly-by-wire controls systems for clients such as BAE Systems, NASA, Bombardier and Lockheed Martin, and supplying design services into clients including, Rolls-Rolls Tidal Generation (now GE Renewables) and GE Oil & Gas.

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