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CT Scanning Facilities

What can we offer?

At PES Scanning we use one of the leading 3D computed tomography systems in the world. This state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide the most advanced x-ray inspection services to our clients.

What equipment do we use?

Our CT system provides enhanced capabilities with versatility and product information that cannot be received anywhere else. The system virtually eliminates evaluation error and provides a visual understanding of items and products potentially beyond what has been seen before. CT scanning increases efficiency for our clients and provides a versatile range of results that can meet their exacting requirements. The data is delivered as 2D slice images, 3D images and, .stl 3D geometry files. The CT scanning software can distinguish between different materials due to density variations.

Benefits of CT scanning

  • Non-destructive test for inspection and metrology.
  • Reduced costs in creating the first CAD model due to data capture.
  • Design requirements for both internal and external components are validated quickly and accurately.
  • Product quality is improved to reduce the risk of recalls.
  • Internal complex features can be precisely measured without destructive testing.
  • Parts are scanned in a ‘free-state’ environment without fixtures applying stresses that could damage delicate parts or display warping not present in the part.
  • Rapid prototyping of the internal components can be completed without the task of creating the CAD file from scratch.
  • Invaluable where there is no ‘line of sight’ and the part cannot be sectioned.
We have a full glossary of terms relating to our CT scanning technology.

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