Enhance your processes with 3D scanning Quality Inspection 

3D Optical scanning and CT scanning are fast, effective ways to undertake quality inspection by comparing your physical part or object against its ‘as designed’ digital model, or a quality assured control piece.

The inspection process is a physical control to ensure the quality of manufactured parts. It can identify ‘tolerance creep’ and act as a quality control audit process.

Introducing 3D scanning for quality and inspection to your quality control processes, allow you to quickly identify any variances, that are outside of the defined acceptable tolerance or other manufacturing defects. Quality inspection can not only be used to inspect physical part, but also to measure the tolerance of the tooling, for example in the forging process, or to review critical jigs and fixtures.

Working with our engineering design team can provide significant and quantifiable results and improve your manufacturing process as part of a design for manufacture (DFM) review.

3D Scanning for Quality and Inspection: audit control

Whilst the inspection process is a physical control to ensure the quality of manufactured parts. The inspection process is not only to identify ‘tolerance creep’ but also to act as a quality control audit process. This controlled inspection process is critical in industries such as aerospace were the design through to manufacturing must be transparent and controlled process.

As part of your quality control process we can generate several inspection reports to be part of your quality control system of as a documented aid to manage and control any potential quality issues.

3D Scanning for Quality and Inspection: reporting

We can deliver quality inspection reports that meet the requirements of your business or your clients. The most popular reports are colour deviation reports of cross section analysis. The inspection report will also depend on the technology you decide to use; whether that be 3D optical scanner or CT Scanning.

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CT Scanning

The CT scanning process is non-destructive & has the ability to show the inside features and components of a part, allowing key components to be seen in their functioning position and be analysed without disassembly.

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