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For Film & Television

Film & Television

Modern 3D scanning technologies and reverse engineering techniques mean that any object in the physical world can be easily scanned & replicated.

For movie and television production companies this means that rare and/or precious items can be accurately reproduced for use within their productions.

The key to the accurate reproduction of parts is through reverse engineering. This is the process of taking an existing object, using 3D optical scanning and other techniques to reproduce the geometry of the object, creating a 3D CAD model and then re-creating the object as it was originally intended.

3D Scanning is a quick & highly accurate data capture and measurement technique, which uses a blue light optical or laser scanner to capture data of 3D objects. Once the data is captured it can be imported into Computer Aided Design (CAD) or 3D printing software where it can be adapted to enable replicas of the original items to be created.

The accurate scan data can be used in a number of ways. Firstly it can be used to create CNC data which allows the object to be
replicated using modern manufacturing techniques. The data can also be used to create 3D and 2D drawings, enabling
craftsmen to reproduce objects by traditional methods. Finally the CAD files can be used in the creation of CGI models and
animation. See More about 3D Scanning for Film & TV.

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Aircraft & Vehicles

Vintage & classic aircraft and cars can be easily & quickly scanned to enable replicas to be built. This can be especially useful for stunt work.

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Intricate Features

Our 3D scanning technology can capture intricate features of items, such as wooden panelling or stone features. We have scanned historic wood panelling from the Churchill Room in London.

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Sculpture & Art Pieces

We are able to capture the fine details of sculpture pieces or ceramic and glass objects, enabling replicas to be produced for filming.

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Military Artifacts

Scanning allows armour and other historic militaria such as weapons and military equipment, to be accurately reproduced.

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Historic & Important Buildings

Scanning enables accurate measurements and details to be captured of historic buildings or those that cannot be used for filming, due to security, or access restrictions.

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Small & Large Items

Our 3D scanning technology enables us to accurately capture data of any object. From coins and brass buttons to aircraft, vehicles and rooms.

Classic Ferrari

An extremely rare & valuable Ferrari 250 GTO California was scanned to enable replacement parts to be made if required, and for insurance purposes.

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