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Helping get Beagle Pup Prototype (G-AVDF) back in the air gallery

One of our current projects is helping to get the Beagle Pup Prototype (G-AVDF) back into the air. PES Scanning have been asked by ATSO Engineering Ltd to provide a digital archive of the aircraft fuselage and wings ahead of its restoration. We have recently undertaken photogrammetry and 3D blue light optical scanning of the aircraft and are currently processing the scan data and generating 3D CAD files. G-AVDF first flew in April 1967 and became the first of 176 aircraft built. The Pup was designed as a single-engined all-metal two-seat aerobatic aircraft or as a four-seat touring aircraft. The aircraft has been in storage for many years, and the plan is for it to be restored to flying condition by the 50th Anniversary of the aircraft in April 2017. Find out more about ...

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3D scanning of 30,000 year-old Venus figurine for Belgian art exhibit image

Venus figurine

In a collaboration between the worlds of 3D printing and high art, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium has paired up with The Louvre, to commission the 3D scanning and printing of a replica of the Venus de Galgenberg, one of the world’s oldest figurines. The facsimile is currently on display as part of their ‘2050—a brief history of the future’ exhibition and intends to demonstrate how technology will change the way we experience art. The original Venus de Galgenberg, which is only 7.2 cm high, weighs 10 g, and portrays a woman in a dancing position, is permanently housed at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. In order to ‘bring’ her to the Belgian public, 3D scanning ...

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How the Smithsonian is using 3D scanning to make the past more accessible image

Smithsonian using 3D scanning

The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC is working on the 3D digitisation of their collection that includes about 138 million works of art, specimens and other pieces. To make the most of their limited resources, they seek out different kinds of objects that represent a specific category of the institution’s holdings. That way, they can demonstrate how 3D scanning and printing is can benefit each department. They also use the experience to start creating ways to scale their workflow to fit that department’s needs. “We’re trying to digitize objects that represent the breadth of the collections at the Smithsonian,” said 3D Program Officer, Adam Metallo. The team have been to Chile to scan the skeleton of a Rorqual whale, which was being recovered by paleontologists at ...

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Futuristic 3D scanning technology helped convict brutal killer image

technology helped convict brutal killer

3D scanning technology helped secure the conviction of a man who cut up his housemate's body, before disposing of it. Lorenzo Simon was sentenced to life in prison for the barbaric murder of his housemate. Crucially detectives recovered part of the victim’s humerus from an oil drum in the couple’s garden − used as a furnace to destroy evidence − which experts proved was a seamless fit with a limb found in the case. And the same 3D scanning technology − which provides image resolution 43,000 times more detailed than that a hospital CT scan − also proved laceration links between a saw recovered from the canal-bed and marks found on other bones. Such ‘micro-CT imaging’ has been used for some time ...

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How PES Cloned a Comedy Legend image

Comedy genius Eric Morecambe has been bringing sunshine to visitors at the technology centre at Catcliffe’s Advanced Manufacturing Park. (Original story by Jo Davison published in the Sheffield Star) A larger than life bronze of one half of the legendary Eric and Ernie duo has been gracing the foyer. Eric’s statue had stood on the pier of his home town for 15 years until it was vandalised last autumn and its creator, Barnsley’s professional sculptor Graham Ibbeson, had to rebuild Eric fast. But Eric has not only been rebuilt, he’s been cloned… Thanks to engineering technology experts at Catcliffe’s Advanced Manufacturing Park. Performance Engineering Solutions (PES) Ltd bosses Dan Fleetcroft and Mike Maddock had contacted Graham to offer their services on hearing of Eric’s demise. ...

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